INCSA is pleased to offer several prizes and awards.

The International Nineteenth-Century Studies Association is pleased to announce the below prizes that seek to recognize the work of interdisciplinary and international scholars working across disciplines to study the nineteenth century, not just from a limited chronological period (1800-1900) but also as a much broader intellectual concern today.  INCSA’s prize committee will award four different prizes per year, based on four broadly defined key-word categories considered to be ‘core’ to our aims and objectives: 

Connection Prize
Bringing together diverse approaches, material, scholars.
Collaboration Fellowship

Engage with community in a large, meaningful way. Events, exhibitions, etc.

Innovation Prize

Innovative methodology / how the argument is shaped

Publication Prize

Articles, edited collection, monograph / multigraph, analog or digital

INCSA Awards

The above prizes seek to recognize communities of academics that have enhanced our understanding of the long nineteenth century in ways that are relevant today.


INCSA is particularly interested in projects that exhibit diversity, equity, and inclusion in the study of the nineteenth-century in both traditional and novel ways. For example, we welcome submissions that: 

  1. cultivate and capture new and innovative research by scholars working across disciplines
  2. expand collaborative research by encouraging articles, forums, discussion papers and reviews written by two or more scholars
  3. recover hidden, overlooked and marginalized voices
  4. reach beyond the usual Anglophone academic markets to all continents
  5. widen the sphere of engagement to include not only university-based research but more practice-based areas of connective interest, such as museology, artistic practice and primary, secondary and higher educational concerns
  6. reinforce these objectives and practice what we preach by not limiting submissions to the English language.


 Who should apply for these awards?

People in all fields of the arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences all over the world, including:

  1. academics (college and university lecturers, undergraduate and postgraduate students)
  2. academic-related researchers (employees working in the context of independent research organisations)
  3. non-academics (independent researchers)
  4. teachers and educationists involved in curriculum development at primary and secondary levels
  5. research professionals and practice-based workers (curators, librarians, museologists, etc)

Submissions, therefore, are not limited to traditional articles; we are also interested in digital, web/social platform projects, exhibitions, summer schools, events (such as conferences). Additionally, we welcome submissions from scholars and professionals of any career-level.


Entries can be from any discipline and may focus on any aspect of the long nineteenth century (the French Revolution to World War I), must be published in English or be accompanied by an English translation, and must be by a single author. Submission of essays and events that are interdisciplinary is especially encouraged.

Articles that appeared in print in a journal or edited collection or events that occurred online or in-person between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023 are eligible for the 2023 Emerging Scholars Award; if the date of publication does not fall within that span but the work appeared between those dates, then it is eligible.

Essays published in online, peer-reviewed journals are considered to be “in print” and are thus eligible. The first format in which an article is published, whether print or online is considered to be the official publication date.

Articles and events may be submitted by the author or the publisher of a journal, anthology, or volume containing independent essays, the presenter, organiser, or director of the event.

Only one entry per scholar, publisher, presenter, organizer, or director for one of the four awards is allowed annually.

International Nineteenth-Century Studies Association’s Officers, Board, Senior Advisory Committee, and Prize Committee members are not eligible to receive the award until two years have elapsed since their service.


The deadline for submission is Feb 1, 2024.