The International Nineteenth-Century Studies Association (INCSA) is the first professional organisation of its kind, bringing together scholars, societies and institutions from all over the world through interdisciplinary, international long nineteenth-century studies.  

It aims to:

  • work collectively and collaboratively to support academic voices hidden by linguistic and geographical constraints
  • create opportunities for the cross-fertilization of research across countries and hemispheres
  • advance initiatives that diversify and enrich our spectrum of long nineteenth-century knowledge

INCSA is the result of discussions held in 2015 by the Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies (CNCS) at Durham University, when leaders of 35 international research centres, institutes, professional societies and independent research organisations met to ‘take the temperature’ of nineteenth-century studies internationally.

Their findings produced a collective will to create a new forum for research— and with it a new international, interdisciplinary future for nineteenth-century studies that would help professional societies and their members overcome national, linguistic, disciplinary, and methodological barriers to the exchange and dissemination of scholarship.

INCSA is a locus for research on all aspects of the long nineteenth century (from 1760s to present-day neo Victorianism), drawing from the widest possible range of disciplines and interdisciplinary approaches. The Association aims to generate new research and collaborative opportunities across the Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences, supporting scholars and bridging international research networks and organizations.

To those ends, INCSA will:

Host a biennial international conference.

Publish an international peer-reviewed journal and book series.

Hold regular online and in-person activities, all open to the public.